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Keynote Speaking

Casey Barnett, director of SeeMe Media, delivers keynote presentations to groups of all sizes about how to practically use the internet and location neutral teams to achieve real business outcomes while achieving a work-life balance that allows your team time with family, friends, and their community while working to improve their everyday work. 

Your audience will receive very practical step-by-step solutions to help business owners and marketers attract new clients and raise their profile.


I can deliver keynote presentations on the following topics:

  • Building a Successful Online Strategy
  • The Importance of an Engaged Community
  • Utilizing Entrepreneurs to enhance your team
  • Understanding the strength of location-neutral employees
  • The Rewards of Giving Back

Speaking Fee

A typical keynote is 45 – 60 minutes in length and is $1000.

Travel expenses:  Mileage, Parking, Flights and 2 nights accommodation are required for most engagements that require travel. 


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Director of Digital Marketing

Casey Barnett
Casey BarnettDirector of Digital Marketing