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Casey Barnett is the founder of SeeMe Media. He is an SEO first WordPress website developer that understands how important it is for a website to not only look beautiful but to be highly functional for users and search engines alike.

How GDPR will affect your small US business? A letter to our clients.

2018-05-19T19:09:27+00:00 By |

I sent the following email to my clients a message to catch them up on some major changes coming on May 25th, 2018 to how data and privacy on the Internet is changing thanks to the European Union(EU) that will affect US businesses. I hope it is helpful for you as well. Over the [...]

The Recipe to Make Better Web Pages for SEO

2018-05-19T19:13:38+00:00 By |

Better websites are made up of great individual pages of good content. It really is just that simple. The best websites are built like a great cookbook. Cookbooks are made up of a bunch of individual and specific recipes. Those recipes pages are usually laid out in sections to make it easy for everyone [...]

Meta Descriptions – Improving click through from SERP

2018-06-16T08:50:49+00:00 By |

Often an overlooked area of new website builds, Meta Description Tags, located in the <header> section of each of your webpages, are an easy way to control what searchers on search engines can expect on your page, right in the search results. The meta description tag attribute provides concise explanations of the contents of your page and [...]

H1 and H2 – Understanding Proper use of Headers

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Content creators are always looking for better ways to provide content to their readers, but have you ever thought of search engines as one of your readers? If you are now doing so, that is great! Search engines are your most important readers, so making content that is easy for them to read is paramount. [...]