What does it take to maintain a website?

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First, understand that websites are never done. The misnomer that you can build a website and just leave along. That it is just not the reality. You wouldn't put up a roadside billboard and not maintain the framework, the structure, the electricity for viewing at night, insurance against a catastrophe, and the ad itself. Websites [...]

What is a domain name? Is it the same as a URL?

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A domain name is your named address on the internet. Typically this would be something like yourcompany.com All domain names are URLs, but not all URLs are just domain names. This is similar to all rectangles are squares but not all squares are rectangles.

Who do you suggest I buy my URLs from?

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We often recommend domains by Google for all of our clients. Their domains include full DNS as well as privacy settings included for one low cost. There are cheaper options available but domains by Google is one of the easiest for us to work with.