Our Process

5 Stage Approach

With each of our clients, we work through a 5 Stage approach to each of our projects. This approach is applied at every level of our business, allowing us to have the best understanding of your industry, business, and project to provide the best outcomes.

1) Research

Research allows us to understand where your company is today and what has led to your decision making to date. 

2) Collaboration

Coming out of the research stage, we will work with your team to determine if our research aligns to your vision for the project. 

3) Approach

Once we are aligned on our direction, we will lay out our approach to your project and strategize how we will accomplish the project. 

4) Development

Stage 4 is when the rubber meets the road, and we start our development, with transparency and understanding of the entire team of the goals and outcomes of the project.

5) Opportunities

Stage 5 is where we work together to ensure the solution created is producing the outcomes expected, and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Website Development Process

Take a look at our website design process. Knowing how we work will make it easy for you to know just what is happening with your new website.

1) The Brief

Getting organized is our first step

The Brief

We will provide you with questions that will help us get right down to what your website really needs. Sometimes what you think you need upfront really isn’t exactly what is needed to help get you more customers and make your website shine. These questions are in-depth and they will require you to think. Provide as much information as you can. Remember you paid for this!  Dedicate your time and all your attention to this part of the process put your time and you will get the best results.

2) Site Mapping

Discovering all the pages of your site.

Site Mapping

Once we have the brief back from you we will put together a sitemap that will allow you to see all the pages we will be building. This will allow us to get on the same page and understand each other as we walk through the rest of our process.

3) Design Mock-ups

The basics of how your site will lay out.

Design Mock-ups

Once we know all the pages needed for your website will work out some mockups that will allow you to see the pieces and parts of the website. This will give you a visual outline of the pages in drawing format that will be built for your site. These mock-ups allow us an opportunity to adjust quickly in case anything was missed.

4) The Build

Creating your new site in a development environment.

The Build

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to color in the lines. From the mockups, we will put together a working version of your site. This will allow us an opportunity to make sure we have all the content needs and that the look and feel what you’re going for in a development environment. Don't worry, if you have a live site, it will still be active as we build this site in our development environment.

5) Launch Prep

Time to do some work under the hood to tune and make sure everything is working before launch.

Launch Prep

Once all the designs are complete, and with all your feedback in hand, we will go off the radar for a few weeks. Don’t be alarmed! We will use this time to go through your new site, testing all layouts for each page for mobile and desktop delivery, applying our SEO research and adding in all of the SEO onsite requirements that your site will need to have so that on day one when it goes live, it’ll be rocking!

6) Launch

Time to make the site live for the world to see.


Launch day is an exciting one! Whether you use one of our managed hosting packages or have us install your new site on a different hosting account, by morning you will have a new site to show off to all your clients! We do most of our launches at night, so as to not bother your clients during business hours. Also, during launch, we will get all your analytics accounts set up on your new site so you can see the impact the new site has on your visitors from day one of the new site.

7) Monitoring

We are there for you to fix any bugs or make small changes based on user feedback.


During the week after launch, we will be coming back in and checking your site to ensure there are no errors showing through analytics or any other systems. We will be able to adjust any items on the site to make sure everything is running top-notch and ready for one of our ongoing SEO packages.

8) SEO & Content Development

Building your website is just the first phase of a great website.


Your competitors will soon take notice of your new website. Stay ahead of them by updating your website's content as your business grows and changes, with our SEO and ongoing content creation.