Project Description

The team at Motee had an interesting dilemma. They have a new service product, connecting tutors with students, and a new website to sign up new clients. They have a great web development team, but they were just not seeing how SEO could fit into their project at such an early stage. They know that showing up at the top of the SERP is important but just weren’t sure if they needed to be focused on SEO at this point in their journey. After a consultation with them, they decided to invest in their website by finding out exactly where they were with their SEO by getting our Day 1 SEO Analysis. Their goal was to see if they could have a better understanding of how SEO could fit into their current process. We built them an analysis with 10+ items for them to work on while they were building their site. We showed them how their site looked to search engines and how they could be more attractive to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They have since taken the analysis back to their developers and have a plan for making SEO a priority for their new company. When they are ready to invest in their ongoing SEO focus, we will be here to help them.

Erika Williamson and Paul Mosca - Motte

Casey gets a Motee for breaking down SEO into clear actionable tasks. SEO is a big subject. We know without it our website is a water molecule in the ocean. The Day 1 Analysis is perfect for a new website. Our site would remain unknown without the review. It’s something we want to do each quarter as we prepare for user engagement and build awareness through social media. We are glad to have him on the team.

Erika Williamson and Paul Mosca, Motee

Project Details

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