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Petis Law is a local business law website created for Geoff Petis’s law firm. For this project, we helped Petis Law’s SEO. We did extensive research into the competitive marketplace in Steamboat and created an SEO plan to take advantage of holes in the market. We began with a focus on their on-page content first, optimizing the site’s content and page load speeds. We also identified external sites for the client to focus on for external incoming links to provide quality back-links to their site.

If you’re looking to improve your SEO, create a killer website (or both!), look no further than SeeMe Media. I run a law firm in a highly competitive market. Casey Barnett and his team have done awesome work for my law firm, the results of which have been increased calls and email leads.

My law firm also has a foundation that is funded from the proceeds of my law firm. SeeMe Media has also created enhanced online exposure for my foundation, which has also helped the presence of my law firm.

Working with Casey couldn’t be easier. Casey has a way of explaining concepts and crunching data that is very easy for a technologically-challenged lawyer to understand. Casey and his team are also on-point when it comes to deadlines and timeframes. If anything, Casey keeps me on track and holds me accountable, which keeps the project(s) moving forward, the result of which (again), is a better and more effective online presence for my firm.

I would absolutely work with Casey and SeeMe Media in the future (I haven’t stopped for over two years!), and would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking to enhance their online presence, re-brand, or get more web traffic!

– Geoff Petis

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