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Project Description

SeeMe Media has worked with Steamboat Soccer Academy since 2010 to help the Academy grow more than 30% each year. SSA is a residential youth soccer camp with more than 300 participants that takes place in Steamboat Springs, CO each summer. The camp does all registrations and signups through their website and, which SeeMe Media manages for them. SeeMe Media also provides all project management, website development, social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Adwords and Facebook ad management, onsite photography and videos, as well as photo editing, video editing, and YouTube management.

In 2018, we did a complete overhaul of the website, using images and video we captured during the 2017 camps. We also worked with camp founder Rob Bohlmann to create a more user-friendly design with busy parents in mind. Placing registration buttons where they are easily accessible and information in easy to read formats on the desktop, tablet and mobile make this site first in class. We were on site for the camp in 2017 allowing us to capture images and video that will be used throughout the 2018 campaign for registrations to the camp. All of the content for the camp was also rewritten by Rob and Casey to create a new feel for the camp as they head into their 24th year!