Storm Mountain Orthopaedics

Storm Mountain Orthopaedics Portfolio

Storm Mountain Orthopaedics is the Orthopaedic offices of Greg Sarin in Colorado. For this project, SeeMe Media helped create the brand, website, hosting, social media, and email management with G suite for the client. With our insights on creating the logo and brand, Storm Mountian Orthopaedic was able to create a brand that speaks to the clients’ love for running and incorporate the lightning bolt into the mountains for a nod to the mountain the company is named after.

SeeMe Media was a part of the launch of Storm Mountain Orthopaedic, helping them to create their brand, site layouts, all print materials, including business cards, letterheads, marketing materials, in office signage and more. The challenge for the site was to create not only a website but a complete brand for a company that would set the tone for that company for years to come.