///Prepare your Avada Theme WordPress site for Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

Prepare your Avada theme WordPress site for Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is coming, any day now the team at WordPress is going to unleash on the world their newest editor, Gutenberg. Theme creators, WordPress Plugin Developers, and website developers are watching this change to the editor closely and trying to prepare for the biggest change to WordPress in years.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg, in WordPress, is the name of the project to replace the Classic Tiny MCEditor in WordPress. Basically what this means is that the editor you are used to using in WordPress that looks like Microsoft’s old Word toolbar, or the toolbar in Apple Notes, is being replaced. The replacement is going to help you create web pages in “Blocks”. Gutenberg blocks are technically a better way to organize content for a mobile first design. These blocks are similar to how Bootstrap and many content editors, like Avada’s Fusion builder and Visual Composer’s columns work today.

If you are starting a new website, using Gutenberg is a great option to work with for easy simple blogs.  If you have an older website and are using any type of builder, WYSIWYG editor or shortcode plugin, you need to prepare for your website to possibly break. The new Gutenberg Editor is currently not compatible with all shortcode based editors. Theme Creators and Editor plugin teams are working to make their products work, but there is no guarantee that they will work.

When WordPress 4.9.8 rolled out in August 2018, a call to action was added to most WordPress websites who upgraded.

WordPress Gutenberg vs Classic Editor Call to action

If you received this message, you were given the option to install Gutenberg as a plugin to test on your site, or to install the Classic Editor plugin to ensure your site would not change over to the new editor when to goes live. However, if you are running a the Avada theme v5.6.2 or newer, this message was replaced with this message from the Avada Developers making it even harder for you to harden your website from the Gutenberg update.

Avada Gutenberg Message

As you can see from the message above, currently Avada is not compatible with the upcoming WordPress Editor Gutenberg. Also, the team at Avada has gone one step further and hidden the message from the WP developers. You can find it in the link at the bottom left “View info from WP”. This will uncover the same message from above allowing you to install Gutenberg or the Classic Editor.

This is a similar message to those I am hearing about in other development tools. Basically, anything that uses shortcodes ( things in [ brackets ] that call other functions and actions) may not work in the Gutenberg editor. This is not saying all, but many. The only way to be sure your site will not break, if you use shortcodes, is to install the Classic Editor Plugin and make it your default editor.

But what if you X’d out the message from Avada and WordPress? What are you to do? All those easy links have gone away!

Don’t worry. I have your back!

Steps to keep your Avada theme working in WordPress 5.0

  • Download and Install the Classic Editor Plugin

    Classic Editor Plugin

  • Activate the Classic Editor Plugin

    Classic Editor Plugin Installed

    Plugin Activated

  • Click on the Settings Link under the plugin, or go to the Settings -> Writing Page of your admin

    Classic Editor settings

  • In the Classic Editor settings area, use the radio button to select the “Replace the Gutenberg editor with the Classic Editor”

    Set Classic Editor as your Default Editor

  • Click the “Save Changes” button and you are all set!

    Save Changes

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