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Creating traffic is the goal of any good business. You can have the most beautiful store, the best food in town, or the best service of any of your competitors, but if you can’t reach your customers, none of it will matter. Many businesses have spent large amounts of time and money to create beautifully designed, highly functional websites, only to find that the traffic to their site has not grown. This is where Organic Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Adwords and Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising come in.

So why should you care about SEO on your website? If your content is the body of work you want to put out to the world, SEO is the ongoing exercise your website requires to be competitive in the marketplace. MUtilizing an ongoing and measured SEO strategy is the key to attracting new potential customers and traffic to your website over time, increasing impressions, inquiries, leads and sales.

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Long Term SEO Strategy

It may be surprising but SEO is not an overnight fix. In most cases it can take weeks and even months for a strong SEO strategy to take hold. For short term gains, Paid Advertising gets you the most bang for your buck.  A strong long term SEO strategy that includes organic SEO as well as paid advertising, will help raise your site’s online reputation, help customers to find your website with pointed and targeted on and off page content, give your social media a plan to reach out to customers, and allow for customers to identify and engage with your brand.

At SeeMe Media, we will do the heavy lifting for you. We provide a strategy plan, with monthly measured analytics on all campaign fronts, including Search Engine Results Page(SERP) measurement, and manage those campaigns for you to increase valuable traffic each month, that will help your business to capitalize on the great products and services you have to offer.

When working with SeeMe Media, you will know your company is in good hands and you will have a knowledgeable partner in the SEO world working for you to make your online business healthier each month.

Understanding your SEO Objectives and Strategies

Starter Guide to Keyword Research

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube; these are all now becoming the search engines of the next generation.

Here at SeeMe Media, we want to teach you how to become part of the conversation, while helping you create content that leads customers to your door and creates great backlinks to your website.

Let us teach you how to create, update, and maintain your online business reputation, and take advantage of the most powerful interactive feedback tool your business has available to it.

Together, we will help people to really know you and your brand online.

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